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Gambling Facts and Fictions
Sharing Knowledge
Gambling Facts and Fictions: The Anti-Gambling Handbook to get yourself to stop gambling, quit gambling or never start gambling
Copyright © 2004
 by Stephen Katz
ISBN: 1418472409
Library of Congress: 2004094023
Sharing Knowledge
Chapter 4

The gambling industry has successfully infiltrated society with an assortment of gambling businesses. Some of the most cunning, greedy and heartless people in the world are gambling business owners. Having these attributes has facilitated them in getting their sordid businesses to become part of mainstream society. The gambling industry is growing and getting stronger in society like a contagious, terminal virus. You can protect yourself and your children from this societal virus with knowledge. Knowledge is power. This book provides powerful knowledge to protect you and your children from this societal virus.

Do you wait until your children get crippled or killed by the polio virus before getting them a polio vaccination? Of course not! This book is a vaccination for your children against gambling. Your children should read this book before the gambling industry cripples or kills all of the inheritance money and assets given them. The gambling industry intentionally targets children to get them to be pro-gambling. How they do this is examined in other chapters. They want children to grow up believing that gambling is good. They want children eager to try out some gambling system or skill. They want children ready to place gambling bets when coming of gambling age. Gambling industry owners are licking their chops, like hyenas do after spotting a helpless newborn antelope, in anticipation of children growing up and becoming gamblers. The gambling industry owners want the inheritance money and assets of children to be gambled directly into their bank accounts.

You or people who you know may have already been infected with gambling polio. People can recover from this gambling polio but the money, relationships, business opportunities and other things squandered does leave some sort of crippling effect for life. Gambling industry owners must find satisfaction in the fact of having harmed or destroyed many millions of people. They must maliciously enjoy the challenge of influencing people into gambling and then controlling and conquering them. But gambling industry owners will not enjoy this book. They will not enjoy Gambling Facts and Fictions in the same way that the polio virus does not enjoy the Salk polio vaccine.

Do not allow any gamblers to give the impression of gambling being okay. It does not matter if you think that their gambling is moderate. They still have a gambling problem. Do not believe it when parents tell you that they enjoy going to the casino. Do not believe it when your sister tells you she plays the slots at the casino and overall breaks even. Do not believe it when your husband tells you about making money at the horse racetrack. Do not believe it when your wife tells you she does not lose that much money playing the lottery. Do not believe it when your son tells you that he is a sports handicapping genius, picking winners galore on the internet gambling website. Do not believe it when your neighbor tells you about a winning card counting system at blackjack. Do not believe it when your friend at work tells you about making money in the stock market by charting and trading stocks. Do not believe any stories about people making money gambling.

Share this book with gamblers especially family members and friends. Share the book even though you may believe that they do not have any intentions of quitting gambling at this time. Certainly they need to do something about it. They may even want to do something about it. They will accept your gift of the book if for none other reason than curiosity. Point out the chapters pertaining to the type of gambling which interests them. At the very least they will read the chapters on these types of gambling. Then they will move on to other chapters in the book because many chapters are interrelated.

Gamblers may not thank you or appreciate the book right away when sharing it. After comprehending and implementing the information, then they should be very grateful. So make sure that you insist a little bit or a lot that they accept the book. Use any excuse that you want to for sharing the book but make sure they take it. Do not let them refuse it for any reason. It does not matter what they say in response to your kindness, give them the book and nicely insist that they please read it.

Churches, synagogues, places of worship and other important groups should have this book readily available to share with members. The main reason for this is to help cherished members and their children. Another reason is self-serving but it is a win-win situation. After following the guidance of the book, cherished members will be happier and have more money. Come fund raising time, these members should be very thankful to the group for telling them about the book and insisting that it be read. These members can show their appreciation by making some nice contributions and donations to the group.

School libraries should have this book readily available for students. Students can easily be swayed towards gambling from all the clever advertising that the gambling industry does so extensively. Students can be swayed by peer pressure from fellow students who gamble. Students can be swayed towards gambling by additional factors discussed in other chapters. There are a lot of influences out there telling students that gambling is good. Students will learn from the book that gambling is not good. Students will learn that gambling really can be a financial catastrophe. Students will learn that the gambling industry is comprised of terribly cruel businesses. They must be careful not to get sucked into gambling. If they are sucked into gambling, gaining the knowledge and following the guidance of the book can help pull them out.

Students should snap to a smart mindset after reading this book. Some young people for various "teenage type" reasons may disregard the information of the book by starting or continuing to gamble. They eventually sooner than later must apply the knowledge and guidance of the book before losing too much money. They must quickly and permanently eliminate any acquired gambling habit. A young person gambling for even the first time can blow a million dollar inheritance in less than a day through various types of gambling. They must understand the futility and misery of gambling to quickly end it before losing all of their earned or inherited money.

Benjamin Franklin once said, "Experience is a dear school." The word "dear" meaning expensive and costly. After reading this book, some students unfortunately may continue the experience of gambling. That experience will be very dear indeed. These students should read Gambling Facts and Fictions again and again until the information totally sinks in. By doing so they will save money as well as other important things. All students must completely understand that every human being who was ever born and will ever be born is subject to the principles of the Factual Laws of Gambling coming up in the next chapter.