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Gambling Facts and Fictions
Ending Gambling
Gambling Facts and Fictions: The Anti-Gambling Handbook to get yourself to stop gambling, quit gambling or never start gambling
Copyright © 2004
 by Stephen Katz
ISBN: 1418472409
Library of Congress: 2004094023
Ending Gambling
Chapter 57

From reading the preceding chapters of Gambling Facts and Fictions, you should now fully understand the consequences to being a customer of the gambling industry. The powerful knowledge of this book will help you to avoid these consequences. A goal of the book is to get you to understand the realities of gambling so that you will eliminate the desire and smartly extinguish any urge to do it. So that as of right now you will not lose any more money, credit or assets.

Refer back to this book as often as necessary so that the right decisions will always be made about gambling. There are many different types of gambling activities and influences. You should now understand how the gambling industry and their friends all try to influence people to start and continue gambling. Their efforts are intense. They are constantly on the attack with their propaganda. Their friends assist in the attack. You have been well informed about this with many examples. The book has provided you with the knowledge to fight off these attacks. You can fight them off because you must.

This final part of the book deals with the experiences and expectations of gambling. There are many different gambling personalities who have an assortment of reasons for gambling. Gamblers can find solace in this part of the book while getting to know some common shared experiences of other gamblers. Gamblers will better comprehend what they are going through while having a gambling problem. Gamblers will get to understand what the expectations are when quitting gambling. This final part will show gamblers concrete steps to follow in order to end a relationship with the gambling industry. Potential gamblers, especially teenagers, will learn what the future holds if deciding to become a customer of the gambling industry. Non-gamblers will learn what gamblers go through while gambling and during the process of quitting.

These final chapters of the book provide guidance to quit a gambling habit or addiction. Also very importantly this can help want-to-be gamblers and non-gamblers to prevent a gambling problem before it ever starts. Hopefully you have gained the knowledge of this book before being financially harmed or ruined. If you are financially harmed or ruined then things can be turned around starting right now. It is never too late to turn your life around.

You may have personal problems, financial problems and all kinds of problems. Without exception, gambling will make all of these problems worse. You are going to have to face these problems sooner or later whether you gamble or not. So why gamble and make these problems worse? Please do not gamble and make these problems worse.

In this final part of the book, the topics are not in any precise order of importance. They are all important. Generally the chapters in this part start out with what people are going through while gambling and towards the end are providing the steps necessary to quit. It is strongly suggested that you read all of the chapters at least once. Then go back to the chapters which are the most important and pertinent to you. Some of the ideas in this final part have been previously discussed and are intentionally repeated a little bit because of the interconnection between these ideas and the information in these chapters. All of the ideas repeated are well worth repeating.