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Gambling Facts and Fictions
Who Can You Call?
Gambling Facts and Fictions: The Anti-Gambling Handbook to get yourself to stop gambling, quit gambling or never start gambling
Copyright © 2004
 by Stephen Katz
ISBN: 1418472409
Library of Congress: 2004094023
Who Can You Call?
Chapter 72

So you monetarily buried yourself again gambling. Maybe you just gambled away a paycheck again. Maybe you just lost 20 bucks again gambling for the seemingly infinite time. Who can you call to help you eliminate this losing bad habit or addiction?

You will receive little or not any help from family and friends. Especially if they are aware of your gambling. They will figure that whatever money that is lent or given you will just be blown gambling anyway and then you would ask for more. Even if you are physically threatened by a local illegal bookie, nobody will help you because they will figure that you are fibbing about that situation just to get money for gambling. Even if you are not fibbing about the physical threats and even if the people who you ask for money believe the threatening situation, they still will not lend you money figuring that you will gamble it anyway and just be in the same threatening situation with the bookie next week. Maybe someone has financially helped you before but even your mother, father, sister, brother and best friend have a financial breaking point where even if you are threatened and they are aware that the threat is real, the former lenders still will not lend any more money. You have run out of people from which to borrow money.

You will not get any help from many state governments. Many state governments allow these gambling businesses to exist as legal grabbers of your money. So these governments do not care when money is snatched from you by these legal businesses. If unable to pay taxes because you blew all the money gambling, will the government let you slide on those taxes? Definitely not. The government will bury you further with fines, penalties and interest if you do not pay. A bank is going to lend you more money? Doubt it. You may have already taken out a second mortgage on your home or refinanced your car to pay back gambling markers and then blew the rest of the money trying to get even. Your credit card limits are charged to the maximum so there is not any money available there to use. At some point in a gambling life, no one will truly help you. So who in the world is going to help you? Who can you call? Realistically you must help yourself with a gambling problem. Overcome or live with current personal problems, then be strong and smart to get rid of the desire to gamble. Get rid of it starting right now. Then extinguish any urges to gamble using the knowledge gained from this book. If you still cannot extinguish these urges yourself, then please use your religious group, self-help organizations such as Gamblers Anonymous, or psychiatric counseling. Refer back to chapter two about this help.

Remember that even a small-time moderate gambler who only gambles occasionally, still has a gambling problem. Gambling in moderation still means being foolish in moderation. The risk is always there of that small gambling problem getting worse even if you may not believe that could happen. Eliminate the gambling now. Do not plan another trip to the casino. Do not drive to the horse racetrack. Permanently delete those internet gambling websites. Cancel those stock market trading accounts. Sure it is tough to quit. You may still have the notion that with some good luck the next time gambling could be a winner. Truly there will never be good luck next time gambling. Next time gambling will never be a winner. This book has taught you that there never will be any good luck next time with gambling. There never can be anything good from gambling. Your next bet would simply be the continuation of a losing streak.

You should now fully understand that regular gambling games such as blackjack, craps, slot machines, video poker, roulette, sports betting, horse racing, stock market trading, bingo, etc., are absolutely, positively, guaranteed losers. These are not games of chance. You do not have any chance. You now know this so obliterate regular gambling games from your intelligent thought process. You cannot go back and play these wretched, miserable, money losing gambling games anymore. You are not going to squander your money anymore.

You should also now fully understand not to squander money chasing super jackpot lotteries, progressive slot machines or any other super jackpot games offered by the gambling industry. The true odds say that you will never hit a super jackpot even if living many thousands of lifetimes. So eradicate the idea of throwing away even $1 chasing after a super jackpot fantasy.

So who can you call? You just did. You called yourself by reading this self-help book. You now have the knowledge to eliminate the gambling industry from your life. You have the knowledge to not be influenced by friends of the gambling industry. You have the knowledge to not be enticed by their clever advertising and promotional schemes.

You must guard against gambling urges and protect yourself with the knowledge and guidance of this book against gambling industry ploys that try to con you into gambling. The gambling industry constantly attacks with new marketing ideas trying to fleece you of money. You must always be on the alert against them. You can win against them because you must. Try to protect a gambling family member or friend as well. Your family member or friend may not respond right away but eventually they will respond because they must.

Okay good, so you decided to quit gambling. Do not think that it is now over. It is never quite over. Many things will call you to gamble. Family members who gamble will call you to gamble. Friends who gamble will call you to gamble. Gambling industry advertising will call you to gamble. State governments will call you to play their lottery games. TV sports touts will entice you with their mortal lock game, calling you to bet. A Hollywood movie will show gambling winners having fun, calling you to be like them. Cable TV broadcasts the glamour and excitement of Las Vegas, calling you to come. Stockbrokers will tell you their clients are making a fortune day trading hot stocks, calling you to jump on the bandwagon. You will always be called to gamble. You must resist the call. Your only hope is to resist. The desire to gamble must be eliminated and any urges extinguished.