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Gambling Facts and Fictions
Table of Contents
Gambling Facts and Fictions: The Anti-Gambling Handbook to get yourself to stop gambling, quit gambling or never start gambling
Copyright © 2004
 by Stephen Katz
ISBN: 1418472409
Library of Congress: 2004094023
Table of Contents
Part 1: Gambling Facts and Fictions - concepts  

Chapter 1: Realities of the gambling industry
Chapter 2: Religious groups, self-help organizations and psychiatry
Chapter 3: Gambling industry influences
Chapter 4: Sharing knowledge
Chapter 5: Factual Laws of Gambling
Chapter 6: Significant house edge percentages
Chapter 7: Gambling systems
Chapter 8: Observations and patterns
Chapter 9: Close to that super jackpot and other wagers
Chapter 10: Winning streaks
Chapter 11: Getting flogged

Part 2: Casinos  

Chapter 12: The losing ending
Chapter 13: Casinos - do not be a part of it
Chapter 14: Glamorous casinos
Chapter 15: Gambling memberships
Chapter 16: Gambling disclaimers
Chapter 17: Family gambling
Chapter 18: Smiling gambling hosts
Chapter 19: Gambling helpers
Chapter 20: Charities aligning with casinos
Chapter 21: Casino games
Chapter 22: Slot machines
Chapter 23: Blackjack
Chapter 24: Native American casinos
Chapter 25: Casino owners - the rats jump off the sinking ship
Chapter 26: The good old days of Las Vegas
Chapter 27: Planning a trip to Las Vegas
Chapter 28: Las Vegas versus Disneyland
Chapter 29: Hollywood and Las Vegas connection
Chapter 30: Hollywood movies and TV shows

Part 3: Horse racing  

Chapter 31: Professional handicappers - too good to be true
Chapter 32: Horse racing handicapping
Chapter 33: Hot tips at the horse racetrack
Chapter 34: Horse racing as a sport
Chapter 35: Stoopers

Part 4: Sports betting  

Chapter 36: Seasonal losing
Chapter 37: Sports betting handicapping
Chapter 38: Sports systems and trends
Chapter 39: Local illegal bookies
Chapter 40: Sports leagues
Chapter 41: Fixed sports games

Part 5: Stock market trading  

Chapter 42: Day trading money away
Chapter 43: Stock brokerage firms
Chapter 44: Stock market analysts and forecasters
Chapter 45: Stock market winning formula

Part 6: Government and gambling  

Chapter 46: The sirenís song
Chapter 47: State run lotteries
Chapter 48: Super jackpots

Part 7: Internet gambling  

Chapter 49: Gambling of the future is now
Chapter 50: Interactive gambling games

Part 8: Media - TV, radio, newspapers, books and magazines

Chapter 51: Media and gambling exposés  
Chapter 52: "How to win at gambling" books, videos and sports show hosts
Chapter 53: 1040 tax returns

Part 9: Other types of gambling  

Chapter 54: Bingo and casino night at churches or synagogues
Chapter 55: Neighborhood poker games
Chapter 56: Gambling between contestants on skillful sporting events

Part 10: Experiences and expectations  

Chapter 57: Ending gambling
Chapter 58: Memories of winning days
Chapter 59: Going back - reasons and excuses
Chapter 60: Learning the lesson
Chapter 61: Self-abuse
Chapter 62: Gambling as a drug
Chapter 63: Flushing away money
Chapter 64: False hope
Chapter 65: Mind games and mind bets
Chapter 66: That $1 bet
Chapter 67: Gamblers want to lose?
Chapter 68: Play-to-win-to-play
Chapter 69: Gambling makes for a lazy mind
Chapter 70: Borrowing money for gambling
Chapter 71: Hitting bottom
Chapter 72: Who can you call?
Chapter 73: Getting out today
Chapter 74: Stop gambling in writing
Chapter 75: Beating the gambling industry
Chapter 76: You must stop