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Gambling Facts and Fictions
Casino Games
Gambling Facts and Fictions: The Anti-Gambling Handbook to get yourself to stop gambling, quit gambling or never start gambling
Copyright © 2004
 by Stephen Katz
ISBN: 1418472409
Library of Congress: 2004094023
Casino Games
Chapter 21

Casino games include slot machines, blackjack, craps, roulette, baccarat and others. Slot machines and other machine games such as video poker will be discussed in the next chapter. Blackjack will be discussed in the chapter after slot machines.

The key to this chapter is to reprogram your thinking to understand how pathetic, ridiculous and hopeless it is to gamble on casino games. Everyday millions of people gamble on these games in casinos all over the world. With internet gambling websites there are millions more gambling on these games right in their homes. The young or inexperienced may not understand how bad it is to gamble on these games. However after reading this book they will know. Those who trust and follow the guidance of the book will forever not go to a casino or logon to an internet gambling website. Young adults, middle-aged or older folks who occasionally or frequently go to casinos should already know how bad it is to gamble on these games. But something keeps them going back. A major something is desire. There are many reasons that cause this desire. Any reasons to go to a casino must be ended. A desire to go to a casino must be eliminated. A goal of this book is having you gain the knowledge to eliminate the desire for an endless, money losing casino experience.

In a casino there are a wide variety of personalities who gamble there. Young gamblers who are trying out what they think could be a winning gambling system. Elderly folks who take the bus over to play the slot machines. Businessmen who want to impress girlfriends at the baccarat table by placing big bets. Middle-aged husbands and wives who habitually go to the casino, calling it their hobby. Tourists who hope today could be a lucky day in a casino where they are gambling at for the first time. Addicted gamblers who will eventually lose bank accounts, jobs, businesses or families because of casino gambling. There are numerous other personality types who visit a casino. The information in these chapters about casinos is pertinent to all types of personalities.

There is not any such thing as good luck, lady luck or any kind of luck associated with casino games. You must understand that today is not and never will be a possible lucky day at the casino. Luck at a casino is pure fiction. Luck is not involved when the fact is that you will always eventually lose your bankroll. The casino house edge guarantees that you will sooner or later lose all of your money on every casino game. While playing these casino games, a bankroll will fluctuate with upswings and downswings, but always permanently heading in a downward direction because of the house edge. Every bet made, even when temporarily winning, further destroys your money. You may temporarily win for an hour, day or maybe a little longer but the house edge percentages will always catch up and wipe you out. You could also start off a new day losing, go downhill fast and quickly get wiped out. You must fully understand that whether starting off a new day winning or losing does not matter because you will always lose money. Remember this paragraph the next time that you wake-up and think that today could be a lucky day at the casino. There never really is a lucky day at the casino.

You now know that there is not any luck involved in gambling at a casino. But you might say, "What about skill?" You might say, "What about blackjack card counting?" You might say, "What about strategic craps, roulette and baccarat systems?" You might say any number of things but none matters as far as permanently winning money. Do you really believe that a casino would allow a game of skill under its roof that would give anyone a chance to win money? Wake-up! Slap yourself in the face! Stop the nonsense thinking! Dedicated blackjack players are especially prone to thinking that some casino games can be skillfully played and beaten. It is never going to happen because there is not any skill involved in any of these games as far as permanently winning money is concerned.

There is not any such thing as a hot deck, hot table, hot wheel, hot dice or hot machine. These winning hot streaks are simply temporary upswings in the inevitable, always will happen, permanently losing cold streak of casino gambling. You can kiss the dice, shout special messages, rub a chip on your girlfriendís shoulder or do any supposedly lucky thing but you will never change the Factual Laws of Gambling. Quitting while ahead when winning big and figuring for a fresh new start next time will not help you either. Dice, cards and wheels do not have a memory but unfortunately for all gamblers the truths stated in the Factual Laws of Gambling do have a memory. The truths of the Factual Laws of Gambling will "remember" if you won big last time. Next time or shortly thereafter you will experience a cold streak beyond belief. You can absolutely believe this cold streak will happen. It is guaranteed that you will get wiped out either next time or definitely sometime after that. Note that when having lost big, you will not necessarily win next time because the Factual Laws of Gambling asserts that your bankroll is on a constant, permanent decline with every bet made. There is not any honest mathematician, statistician or numbers expert who would question the facts stated in this paragraph or any other facts concerning numbers in this entire book.

Casino owners must really laugh at gamblers who come in and think that they are so smart that they can possibly win money in their casinos. These so-called smart gamblers who play blackjack, craps and baccarat tend to look down on other gamblers who play the non-thinking games of slot machines and roulette. The casino owners know that these smart gamblers will always get ground out of money by the realities of the Factual Laws of Gambling, albeit a little slower than the other gamblers because the house edge is not as high on the games played by the smart gamblers. But the bankroll of the smart gamblers will eventually be zero just like the bankroll of the other gamblers. So there really is not any such thing as a smart gambler in a casino.

The best bet in a casino with the lowest house edge is at the craps table. Betting the donít-pass line and taking full odds after a come out point is established until either the winning point 7 or the losing point 4,5,6,8,9 or 10 is made, offers the lowest house edge percentage. Not many players will bet the donít-pass line at the craps table because of directly rooting against the pass line shooter who is rolling the dice. In the minds of most craps players, the donít-pass line bettor is disliked because of rooting against the pass line bettors who want the shooter to win. Craps players will shout and roar sometimes tremendously when a pass line bet is made. But a donít-pass line bettor will never openly cheer when a donít-pass line point is made. This is because the donít-pass line bettor won, while the vast majority of the players at a craps table who are pass line bettors, just lost. The losing pass line bettors figuratively in their minds would lynch the winning donít-pass line bettor if that player openly celebrated. It is quite ironic that the best bet for a player in a casino is actually the most unpopular bet among most of the players. Best bet in a casino refers to the lowest house edge in a casino. However do not misinterpret the term "best bet" in a casino. Best bet in this case does not mean good bet. This best bet will still guaranteed, definitely, without a doubt always grind out your money. In this case, best bet is still a bad bet and every bet in a casino gets worse for a gambler.

Have you ever known or truthfully heard of anyone who makes a living gambling at a casino? How about anyone who even in the short-run of say a few long days of betting often and betting a lot, actually ever made money gambling at a casino? Anyone who says that they constantly or usually win money gambling at a casino is a boldfaced liar. Anyone who says that overall they win money or break even at a casino, simply is not being truthful. Sure there have been some short-term big winners at the casino once in a while. But every one of those winners who returns will gamble back the winning money and lose more without exception. That includes all of the blackjack players. Even if someone quits while ahead and buys a new car with the money from a big win, it is certain that person paid many more times the cost of that car with previous gambling losses or will pay many more times the cost with future gambling losses. Nobody quits going to the casino after a big win. They come back for more and get more, but it is losing more not winning more.

The only exception to the Factual Laws of Gambling of guaranteed losses at a casino would be to hit a progressive slot machine super jackpot. The odds clearly say that you will not hit one even if living many thousands of lifetimes. You only get one lifetime so do not waste it chasing after a progressive slot machine super jackpot. There are actually some true stories about folks hitting a progressive slot machine super jackpot then despite the big hit, gambling back all the winning money and more. The casinos suck you in with the dream of the super jackpot. Do not be fooled again.

Do not even think that you might be the gambling professor who will miraculously invent a system that will beat the casinos. Casino owners become overjoyed watching the latest sucker losing thousands of dollars trying to beat them with a futile gambling system. For all want-to-be gamblers, occasional gamblers or longtime gamblers looking for a miracle system, here is an example of the most commonly used system in the graveyard of gambling systems. Okay professor, keep track of the roulette wheel and wait for ten straight blacks to appear. Then on the next spin, bet it all on red because the odds of another black are very slim, right? Wrong professor. The odds of hitting the next black or red are always about 5% greater than even. It does not matter which colors preceded it. The odds are greater than even because of the green 0/00 on the wheel which gives the casino about a 5% house edge on the red and black colors. The casino only pays $1 for each winning $1 bet on red or black instead of $1 and about five cents that they would pay if there was not any house edge. That green 0/00 gives the casino about a 5% house edge on each and every roulette bet. The roulette wheel does not have a memory hence the house edge is exactly the same on each and every spin. The roulette wheel does not remember that it spun ten straight blacks. The odds of the next spin being red or black are precisely the same. There are not and never will be any winning systems at the casino.

Dice do not have a memory either. In blackjack, the random shuffling of cards midway through the deck or decks means that there is not a memory. Counting cards at blackjack is useless because of the random shuffling. Learning basic strategy in blackjack is learning how to basically hand over your money to the casino. The casinos have very cleverly perpetuated the myth of blackjack card counting and basic strategy winners in order to suck people in.

In any casino, whether owned and operated by rich corporate owners or Native American owners, you will always sooner or later and it is usually sooner, part with your hard-earned money. It does not matter what system is tried, how bets are staggered, if leaving when ahead, studying the game details or carrying a lucky rabbits foot. If you go there, nothing will prevent the casino gambling cancer from eating away and killing your bankroll.

There is only one way to beat the casinos and that is to stay out of them. Think of the casino room as a lair of muggers, bandits and thieves lurking there to steal your money. They absolutely will steal your money in a legal way that is voluntarily submitted to when walking into that casino room. Remember that the next bet will absolutely, positively, without a doubt be the continuation of a losing streak and lead to financial loss.

Do not walk into that casino gambling room. Do not drive into that casino parking lot. Do not get on that casino bus. Do not make any room reservations with a casino. Do not open up their mail. Tear it up and throw it away. When driving by a casino, mutter a swear word or stick out your tongue at them. Of course you do not have to physically do these things but definitely mentally do these things. Sorry if that may seem a bit vulgar. But it has been witnessed some of the nicest looking little old ladies muttering all kinds of swear words about casinos. These little old ladies sometimes say these swear words especially when leaving a casino with their purses emptied of all money from the gambling. These little old ladies were justified in making these remarks. Casinos deserve every swear word said towards them.

Intentionally, you should develop a negative attitude towards these disgraceful gambling joints. The same type of attitude that you would have towards a restaurant that serves high priced, bad meals which make you sick. Casinos are your financial enemy. They are intentionally trying to fleece you of money. Do not support them in any way. Treat casinos as though the buildings are flea infected dens of rats that must always be avoided. Exterminate casinos from your life.